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tv   9 News Now at 6am  WUSA  October 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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this guy. gl. i'm mike hydeck. howard bernstein. take it away. a chill in the air. we have 30s now and tonight even colder, coldest night of the season coming up. if you're going out to that nats game, you'll need to bundle up. andrea said it first. i'm just repeat it. dress for football. gloves. 61 by noon. we've got a front on the way. it's going to come through mid- morning. the winds will start to kick up here out of the northwest at 10, 20 miles an hour, maybe gusting to 125 with a -- to 25 with a high of 63 at 2:00, 3:00. by 5:00 back to 59. on our way to 40 tomorrow morning in town with upper 20s north and west. this morning some clouds, a few stray showers here in pennsylvania and ohio. steadier rains up in new york state and northeastern pennsylvania. the chill is in the air, especially fort. 44 martinsburg in cumberland. frederick 36. manassas and culpeper 37. i heard from janet on the bay, 55. what a difference the bay makes this time of year. it is 6:00 a.m. here comes monika samtani with
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timesaver traffic. we have one pretty big issue right now on the northbound side of i-95. good morning, everybody. on the northbound side near quantico, it's an overturned vehicle off to the side of the ride and lots of activity there as well. if you're planning to head northbound on i-95 toward quantico, watch out for that. our sky 9 should be there in just a couple minutes. so i should have a shot of that now. in the meantime let's take a live look a little further north. northbound 395, look at that. very light up to the 14th street bridge. a last look at a graphic one more time. if you're planning to head inbound on i-66, it's been incident free. slow traffic into centreville. we'll look live outside. if you're planning to head on the inbound side of i-66 close to the belt ware, no delays yet -- beltway, no delays yet. more traffic at 6:11. how about those nats last night. >> you can say it again. >> yes. how about this guy? jayson werth. >> the nats were down 2-1 against the st. louis cardinals in the national series till
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that guy hit a home run. kristin fisher joins us live from nats park with a look ahead to game five which goes down tonight thanks to jayson werth. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i called it. what did i tell you? check out the front page of "the washington post." it's jayson werth right after the walkoff home run leaping into the arms of his teammates. look at the height on him. all that adrenalin, fans screaming for you. had to be a great feeling. moments before the picture was taken, setting the stage now, bottom of the 9th, nats tied 1- 1. jayson werth in the middle of a marathon at-bat and then on the 13th pitch, this. >> 3-2. a drive hit deep to left field. looking up way back. it's gone. >> reporter: the nats go crazy. jayson werth, hero of the
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night. proving why he gets paid the big bucks. all of that love from his teammates, they wanted it so bad. now we have a game five on our hands. here's jayson werth just minutes after hitting the walkoff home run. >> i was feeling pretty good going into the at-bat. i got a little -- i had a little something last night. i was sitting at home watching my boy do it. he gave me a little something today. >> that's the way the game should have inned. jayson werth hitting a home run. he hasn't hit that many this year. it was the 13th, 14th pitch at- bat, something like that. it was a great effort on his part. >> when he hit the home run, the fans went insane. the tension had been building throughout the 13 pitches. when he sent it deep, this place was electric. it was do or die. the nats delivered forcing a game five with the cardinals. first pitch is at 8:37 tonight here at nats park. if you want to come, you can still get tickets, but it's going to cost you. coming up at 6:30, i'm let you know where you can get tickets
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and how much they'll cost coming up. mike, andrea? >> so good. so good. we'll talk to kristin again in a little bit. other news, it 16:40 -- it 16:04. two of the three suspects charged in the beating after capitol hill man are due in court today. tommy branch and sunny kutiere are charged in the attack that severely injured tommy maslin. authorities say shortly after midnight on august 18, the men beat maslin for a credit card and iphone. his wife, abby, is planning to be in court today for the preliminary hearing. >> they have created just a tremendous hole in my heart. their damage is going to be permanent damage. >> in court documents, one of these men admitted to striking maslin in the back of the head with a bb gun. another allegedly confessed to beating him to the ground. abby says her husband is making
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some tremendous progress. campaign 2012 now, aggressive, combative, vice president joe biden and congressman paul ryan squared off in the one and only vice presidential debate last night. >> for 90 minutes the men exchanged jabs over domestic and foreign issues. randall pinkston has the latest from danville, kentucky. >> reporter: vice president joe biden wasted no time challenging congressman paul ryan's take on foreign policy. >> with all due respect, that's a bunch of malarkey. >> why is that so? >> because not a single thing he said is accurate. >> reporter: they clashed over the economy, taxes and medicare with the democrat often on the attack. >> they're holding hostage the middle class tax cut. it's about time they take some responsibility. >> reporter: but ryan fired back. he slammed the obama administration's economic record. >> this is not what a real recovery looks like. we need real reforms for real recovery and that's exactly what mitt romney and i are proposing. >> reporter: after several heated exchanges, ryan
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insinuated that president obama's debate performance last week was motivating the vice president. >> i know you're under a lot of duress to make up lost ground. >> reporter: as for who won, it depends on who you ask. instant polls taken right after the debate are mixed. in a cbs news poll of uncommitted voters, 50% thought the vice president won. 31% sided for ryan and 19% called it a tie. 56% thought biden would be an effective president if necessary compared with 4 -9d -- with 49% for ryan. not surprisingly both sides claimed victory. mitt romney's campaign said biden seemed off balance and strange. the president's team said the debate exposed the risks of electing a romney-ryan ticket. the next presidential debate is tuesday. randall pinkston, cbs news, danville, kentucky. ray locker is washington enterprise editor at "u.s.a.
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today." channel 9's sister publications. ray, you're part of the fact checking team we heard in randall's package there, the vice president saying not a single thing that congressman ryan said was accurate. he was talking about one thing. but were there egregious claims made by either candidate last night? >> i wouldn't necessarily say egregious. i would say obviously both candidates made some factual errors when talking about, say, the number of people who might lose health insurance under obama care. congressman ryan said 20 million. it's a high end estimate. i don't think anybody really thinks that's going to happen. vice president biden mentioned some things about what the cost of the ryan medicare plan would be, $6400 to an average family. that's an earliest mat. subsequent plans -- early estimate. subsequent plans the number has gone down. but there wasn't anything where
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you would say, oh, my god,es that' crazy. >> it sounded like the same arguments just being repeated over and over again. did we get anything new or specific from either candidate? >> no, not really. what happens in a debate like this and in an election like this which is a turnout election is the candidates have to motivate their bases, their supporters and put on a good face for whatever independent voters happen to be out there and still trying to make up their minds. i think that's what they did. >> everyone said that the vice president had to stop the bleeding after the president's awful performance at the debate and that congressman ryan just had to keep the momentum going. did both men do their jobs and the job of the moderator? how did she do? >> i think both people did do their jobs. obviously the buzz coming out of the debate last night were the democrats were enthusiastic about the vice president. republicans were enthusiastic about congressman ryan. and martha did a spectacular job. i think she was on top of her
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gain. she was a -- she is a foreign policy expert and that came through. >> thank you for being with us, friday morning quarterback. coming up, jessica is back. shelf' have the best car deals on the dealer lot this month.
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werth. howard here with your weather first on this friday morning. it's going to be a cool day today. we'll have a front passing through this morning into the afternoon. that's going to kick up the winds out of the west,
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northwest. could gust over 20 miles an hour at times. lunch time temperature 60. turning cold tonight. i'll update you on the freeze watches in just a few minutes. on the northbound side in qawnts can he -- quantico, the ramp to i-95 is blocked. it's an overturned vehicle on the ramp. again the ramp is blocked from northbound rudsall road. it's 6:12. jessica doyle is back with another your money report. >> the help wanted signs. good news if you're going out in the washington area. >> even jayson werth is excited about it. this holiday season is expected to abpretty good one for the re- - to be a pretty good one for the retailers. they're preparing for all the crowds by adding employees. the national retail federation is expecting up to 625,000 jobs to be created by the holidays. our area is shaping up to benefit from all of the hiring. here are the top three cities for job openings right now. new york tops the list.
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chicago comes in at number two and washington, d.c. comes in at number three. 12% of all the job openings in the top ten, they are right here in our area. there are also a lot of really great car deals out there right now. you should expect a lot of zero percent finance offers and discounts as the dealers try to move 2012 models off the lot to make room for the 2013s. kelly blue book ranks the best tiles and highlights the 2012 toyota camera le zero percent financing. purchase price of under $22,000. another option now, the 2012 ford focus sc sedan. again 60 months, zero percent financing, purchase price over $17,000. then there is the 2012 mazda 3 sports sedan. again you'll find zero percent financing for 60 months out there. have you ever said any of these things to your boss? i can't come to work because my
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dog is having a nervous breakdown or my toe is stuck in a faucet. those are just a few of the creative excuses workers gave to explain their absence from work. 30% of workers over the past year called in sick when they were not sick but you need to be careful. almost 30% of employers say they actually check up on their employees by calling them or requiring a doctor's note. so beware. >> if you're going to be one of those people, be creative. >> thanks, jess. here's howard in the kitchen with a guest. >> thanks, guys. we're less than a month away from the american heart association heart walk but it's always a good time to make sure you're living heart healthy. this is jennifer with shoppers food and american heart association. she's here with what you should be doing and eating to make sure that your' heart healthy-- >> that you're heart healthy. >> thank you for having me back. good to see you. >> the heart walk? >> november 10 on saturday. festivities begin at 8:00 a.m.
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the walk starts at 9:30. it's at nationals park. there's an option to do a three- mile walk or a one-mile walk. shoppers will be there. we have a booth there and a bunch of teams. >> we have a team, too. i'm leading that team. come and join all of us on the 10th. >> it's in celebration of physical activities so getting in that 30 minutes of walking in a day. not smoking but also heart healthy eating. >> we don't just need a day for that. that's a lifestyle which you adopt for your own benefits. >> that's exactly right. there are some foods i brought with us today that if you don't have a heart healthy diet now, add these foods in and you'll be well on your way towards a heart healthy diet. >> you have canned salmon. >> fresh salmon is wonderful. it can be ath more expensive so fresh salmon or canned salmon, it's rich in heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids which are great for your heart and also rich in preteen. the beans and legumes, rich in
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soluble fiber which helps reduce your bad cholesterol. >> they're great. >> rinse them to reduce the salt. walnuts rich in those omega 3s, a vegetarian source of omega 3 fatty acid. >> granola has a lot of sugar but walnuts are better. >> they're awesome, rich in protein and omega 3s and minerals. also apples. >> apple picking is a fun activity. >> rich in soluble fiber. keep the skin on because that's where most of the fiber is. we have oatmeal, one of the most powerful heart healthy foods because it grabs on to the other cholesterol that we eat in our diet so your body can't absorb that other cholesterol. >> it's a good food to eat. want to remind you again the heart walk november 10 at nationals park. we start at 8:00 with the registration festivities. 9:30 we get walk off. you can help us raise money and awareness for the american heart association. jennifer, thanks for coming in.
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>> thanks for having me. let's get to weather. uous bus stop forecast. maybe keeping warm with temperatures running in the upper 30s to the low 50s. we've got a chilly morning out there. thankfully the winds are fairly light. it's not going to last. by noon the winds will be gusting maybe 20, 25 or more. 4:00 61 degrees. high today about 63, maybe 64 but with the winds at times gusting over 20, you'll certainly need the jacket. then we're down to 53 by 8:00. by 8:37, we'll be watching a ballgame tonight. 53 expected first pitch temperature. down to the upper 40s as we get toward the later innings. north winds at 10 miles an hour. dress for football weather tonight. that's about the same friday night football urmd the lights for high schoolkids, it's going to be chilly. protect your tender plants. you get to montgomery county, fairfax county, points north and west of there, temperatures could get toward the freezing mark if not the upper 20's in the cold spots.
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this morning we've got some 30s in gaithersburg and cumberland and culpeper. it is 40s degrees in fredricksburg and easton 43. outside on our michael & son weather camera, looking good. clear skies, good visibility, 48 degrees with light winds at this hour. we're going to be watching a cold front which can you see the showers and a little bit of snow mixed in the adirondacks in new york state. some storms in tennessee. doing the d.c. split with the moisture. i expect the front to come through dry, maybe some patchy clouds and certainly kicking up the winds. 63 this afternoon. tonight we're dipping to 40 in town but the cold spots upper 20s to around 30 with the freeze watch in effect. tomorrow 62 but sunday the warmer day of the weekend. sun and clouds mixed, 74. we're still in the 70s monday with a chance for some afternoon showers and 60s again on tuesday. it's 6:18. good morning, monika. >> good morning, howard. the hot spot right now is in quantico on the northbound side of i-95 where there's an overturned vehicle on the ramp from russell road to get on
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northbound 95. here's a live picture from our sky 9. the ramp is blocked. you can see all the equipment and activity on the scene. luckily it's friday morning light and you only have rubber necking delays on 95 itself heading northbound toward quantico and past the accident scene. let's go a little further north. here's what it looks like in springfield. not bad coming up from route 644. a live look at 270 southbound. just the brake lights here at route 109. other than that it looks good in germantown. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 6:25. 5:19 -- 6:19. we want to take another look at the question of the morning. pet owners were asked if you could ask your pet one question, what would it be? us with their number one answer a, are you happy? b, do you like your food? or c, do you like me? >> our facebook friend bryce says he doesn't have to ask his pets but he would like to know why they can't go to the bathroom when i need them to. >> or where. >> or where, exactly. we'll have more of your responses and the correct answer about a half-hour from
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now. stay with us.
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welcome back. 6:23. your weather first. the winds are light. it will change in a few hours as a cold front comes through. the winds could gust over 20 miles an hour. here's a look at your day planner. sunshine. a couple of clouds here and there as temperatures climb into the upper 50s by 116789 we'll top out in the low 60s. the winds will be out ever the north -- of the northwest to north gusting to 20 miles an hour. the power of social media is helping reunite a woman with her two dogs in massachusetts. >> penny blackwell was walking baxter and bailey on a leash two weeks ago when they both ran away. she posted pleas on facebook and put up flyers. finally a friend called to say she found baxter. then she was tasked with finding his brother. >> he led me to the side into
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the woods. >> they found bailey still wearing the leash and that leash was tangled in some bushes. penny thinks the golden retrievers pent most of the two weeks -- spent most ever the two weeks together until baxter broke free. here's monika samtani with timesaver traffic. an overturned vehicle has been uprighted here at the ramp to 95. the bad news is you have a mile of rubber necking delays on 95 itself with the lanes open. i'll have more coming up at 6:30. you're watching 9news now. stay with us.
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sunday morning on "biocentury this week," are there bipartisan solutions for
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containing exploding health care costs? dr. mark mcclellan on avoiding the fiscal cliff. watch "biocentury this week" this
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good morning. we're back at 6:28. this is always the place to get good your weather first. how about if we go out live, scene ever the -- scene of a walkoff home run. >> where did the balloons go? >> it got cold. maybe there was some shrinkage. we're happy you're starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. jayson werth is here to help us out. howard bernstein has the forecast. andrea said it best. dress for football if you're going to the game tonight. >> dress for football weather. we do have a chilly morning out there. some areas have dipped into the 30s thanks to light winds and
6:29 am
clear skies. the light winds will not last but only a few more hours. winds are going to kick up today with the cold front moving through. sunshine and 61 at noon. then by 5:00, 59. those winds, those winds could be gusting at times over 20 miles an hour this afternoon. we are looking at a few clouds off to our north and west this morning. some showers in pennsylvania and ohio and west virginia. these are light ones. once they get out of the mountains, they're likely to lose the moisture. i think the front comes through without much fanfare. it's cold in martinsburg and cumberland -- excuse me culpeper and manassas at 37. 40 in la plata. charlie in cathlet was also in the upper 30s -- catlett was also in the upper 30s. 48, one of our warm spots in annapolis. 49 at the pax river naval air station. this afternoon with the breezy conditions, we're looking at highs upper 50s shenandoah valley to 63 here in d.c. 67 over toward cambridge. it's 6:29. monika samtani, timesaver traffic.
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thank you so much, howard. if you're planning to head northbound on i-95, unfortunately we have about a mile of slow traffic trying to get toward quantico. this accident on russell road, ramp toi-951 cause -- to i-951 cause -- to i-95 is cause of the delay. the car has been uprighted and should be cleared shortly but of course attracting attention. further north on 95 in springfield where you'll find the brake lights beginning around route 644 heading for the beltway. but up here lanes are open on to 395 as well. a quick look at the maps inside the beltway. no issues here across the 14th street bridge. we'll go live on the west side of town and show you what it looks like at the american legion bridge. no delays on the beltway west side of town. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 6473-- >> 6:43. cbs this morning is about 30 minutes away. >> norah o'donnell joins us live from new york with a preview. i wonder what you'll be talking
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about, norah? >> exactly. what we're all talking about. good morning. we've actually got a cbs news poll that says joe biden may have put a stop to mitt romney's momentum. so we'll look at who came out on top last night. we'll get reaction this morning from former republican presidential candidate newt gingrich and former democratic governor jennifer graham. that will be a good debate. we're celebrating 50 years of james bond movies. 60 minutes gives us a rare look inside the double o7 archives. lots of fun this friday when we see you at 7:00. >> we're celebrating a walkoff win to the washington nationals last night so i hope you can celebrate a little bit. >> i know. >> have a good show. >> great news for the nats. >> thanks, norah. the washington nationals are putting a stop to the cardinals' momentum after all as they are one step closer to getting to the world series. >> it could happen. they were down 2-1 in the national league divisional series last night against the cardinals. jayson werth changed all of that as he stepped up to the
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plate in the 9th. kristin fisher joins us live from nats park with a look ahead to tonight's decisive game. it's winner go home. -- it's win or go home. >> reporter: i've got to talk about last night's game. i mean, when a game. it's about as good as playoff baseball is ever going to get. i tell you what. i don't think any of the 44,000 fans that were here at nats park last night will ever forget what it was like when werth hit that walkoff home run. it went absolutely electric inside nats park. i know you probably have already seen it but it's so g i have to show it again. let's roll the tape. setting the stage for you, bottom of the 9th, tied 1-1. werth on the 13th pitch the big home run. the nats stormed the field. the fans went out of their minds. it's a moment washington has been waiting for ever since the nats first came to town in 2005. now we're going to game five against the defending world
6:33 am
series champs. >> yesterday i liked the spot we were in. we just needed to win this game. we won this game. all bets are off tomorrow. >> they didn't make it easy to score runs for sure. every guy out there was throwing great. we just kind of hung in there and hung in there and today you had a feeling it was going to come down to which team will get a big hit first. jayson got a big hit. >> i thought in my head, we have a shot to go deep and win the ballgame. the fans are behind him. you know, it's unreal. >> reporter: check out the front page of "the washington post" this morning. the headline nats rise to the occasion. look at that picture of jayson werpght. look at his -- werth. look at his height as he jumps into the armts of his cheering teammates -- arms of his cheering teammates. really proud of them as i know all of d.c. is. if you still want to go to game five, you can. tickets are still available on sites like the cheapest ticket i've been able to find for standing room
6:34 am
only, 73 bucks that was on stub hub. normally the tickets go for just 30 bucks and the cheapest seat i've been able to find is about a hundred. i found a little bit cheaper prices on craigslist but you never exactly know what you're getting for on craigslist. 73 bucks for standing room only. a hundred bucks for seats but it's going to be an awesome game. first pitch 8:37. dress for the cold. it's going to be chilly, mike, andrea? >> thank you, kristin and to jayson werth for getting up so early to join us for the walkoff home run last night. the bats not the only thing booming. there's a huge development in the works according to a blog we looked at called the price of petworth. it says there's a mixed use project in the works being discussed that would include if approved approved 650,000 square feet of offices, retail, hotel space, possibly respect denialses as well. the -- respect denialses as well. the area -- residences as well. the area is just north of the
6:35 am
station. we'll check in with officials and see what's going on. the washington metropolitan area transit authority announces its findings of an independent investigation involving a bad real estate deal. it accuses former ramada board member jim graham of ethics violations. it alleges graham would support a developer on a project as a city council member if it pulled out of a metro development project on 7th and florida avenue. graham was a sitting ramada board member at the time. we caught up with graham late last night. >> you know, i'm very, very pleased that -- and satisfied this is the third report that has reviewed these facts and found that there's no suggestion of a crime, no suggestion of an unlawful financial interest, no suggestion of a financial conflict of interest. >> ramada retable add law firm to conduct the four-month long investigation. attorney bradley bondy contend there is was a clear violation of ethics. well, if you plan to
6:36 am
casting a ballot in the upcoming november election, you have a few more days to register to vote if you haven't already. in virginia your deadline is monday, october 15 to register to vote. in maryland it's tuesday, october 16. and in the district mail-in registration deadline has already passed so you can still register, though. you have to do it in person at the election board's headquarters but you only have until friday, october 19 to do it there in the district. for more information on voter registration, just log on to our website and look under our campaign 2012 tab. it's 6:36. jessica doyle is watching your money and your social calendar. >> maybe you've been invited to a halloween party and you don't really know what you want to wear. you don't really want to work too hard at it. we've got some cheap and lazy
6:37 am
halloween ideas. you don't have to spend any money. look at andrea roane. look how fabulous she works. >> telling your future. >> we'll start with her. washington nats going to the world series. >> andrea is our fortune teller. all we have here is -- we found a scarf. literally i pulled this together this morning because i forget to do it last night. a lot of junk jewelry. >> i should have more junk jewelry. >> a snow globe. what else do you need, right? she's done. this didn't cost any money. mike hydeck, come on over here. where's mike? mike is one of my favorites. >> that is a costume, right? >> this is how he really dresses. >> all basically you need is a trench coat. if he had any more time to change, we would have covered him up. >> naked legs down below. check out this. >> tell me i'm not a team player right now. showing my ugly ankles. >> speaking of team players,
6:38 am
our executive producer is our kitty cat. >> oh, cute. >> everything came out of your closet, right? >> everything. >> we did two seconds of eye makeup in the back. literally. >> she dresses like this most days. >> monika samtani is stepping up to the plate. she's our hipster this morning. you need a take dora -- a fedora and some hipster sunglasses or glasses. hipsters wouldn't care. you have to work on that. >> most clever. >> my favorite costume is howard bernstein. >> i'm a chick magnet, get it? this is really, really lazy. it doesn't get much lazier than this. >> my 7-year-old helped me make this last night at 8:30. took us ten minutes. this is the costume that took the longest. >> who are you? >> i'm going to end with myself because i love this costume. this is a sweat shirt from a
6:39 am
company i love called i'm a wooki. i don't know how to make wooki noises. >> we're not going there. >> if you're really lazy, this website has t-shirts that go for about ten dollars. some of the sweat shirts are $30. this is hot. all that fur. >> it will be good at the game tonight because i can see -- it's going to be cold. no snow flakes though. >> dress for football. it is 6:39. we winterize our cars and homes but what about our lawns? you like that? >> we'll show you how you can get your lawn and garden also ready for the cold, even if you're a flasher. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. it's 6:43. 48 degrees. a lot of information for you
6:44 am
this morning. first of all, just getting word of an accident on the inbound side of the sousa bridge. let's take a live look there on pennsylvania avenue. i'm beginning to seep the brake lights trying to get across the bridge here. watch out for it. we don't have any lane information yet. but beaware -- but be aware there could be an accident on the sousa bridge affecting your drive this morning. on the northbound side of i-95, slow traffic trying to get into quantico. remember there was that accident off russell road to get on to 95. a live look further north in dale city, brake lights through the area trying to get up to woodbridge. i'll be back with more traffic at the end of the show at 6:58. back to you. i kempt my crystal ball looking forward to 8:37 tonight. we again welcome our celebrity cohost this morning jayson werth who's been with us all morning long. people are probably tweeting jayson, you were up that early after last night? because he wants to hear
6:45 am
howard's forecast. they'll probably have to wear some long sleeves. >> some of the guys will be wearing the same t-shirt. they'll go out. they're not going to change that. you'll need something long this morning. we've got 30s in a few spots. the bus stop forecast clear, chilly, temperatures ranging from the upper 30s away from town. over by the bay low 50s. it's a lot warmer if you're right on top of the big heat sink called the chesapeake bay. our day planner, we've got sunshine all day long. by noon 61. winds are going to be light this morning. look how they kick up out of the northwest 14, 17, 14 miles an hour. those are the sustained speeds. gusts over 20 at times with a high maybe 63, 64. that should happen i think about 2:30 or so going to the ballgame tonight, a, you're lucky. b, i'm jealous. c, you better bundle up because we're going to have 53 degrees for the first pitch at 8:57. down to the upper 40s by the latter innings. there will be a little bit of a chill in the air. those norm winds will relax some overnight so light winds action dry air and the colder
6:46 am
air in place, qee have temperatures near -- we could have temperatures near freezing. a freeze watch has been posted north and west of d.c. in montgomery, prince william, fauquier, loudoun. lows even down in the upper 20s by saturday morning. right now we've got a chill out there. sterling is 37. lovettsville is 36. eight 39 in ash burn and bowie and college park. upper parm borrow this morning 40 degrees -- marlboro this morning 40 degrees. starting to get a couple of high clouds out there. we're still about half an hour or so before the sunrise with 48 degrees. feeling like 48 thankfully because the winds are real light, 3 miles an hour out of the west, southwest. but a front is on the way. you can see it up here with the showers from new england, new york state back into pennsylvania. looks like most of the rain will stay in the mountains and north of the mason-dixon line. as the front comes through, other than the wind shift you're going to notice, you're going to feel the winds kick up. probably won't notice much else going on except passing clouds. partly to mostly sunny this afternoon and clear and cold
6:47 am
tonight. temperatures mainly in the 30s. watch out. get your plants inside if you care about them. north and west of town. they could be harmed by the cold. 63 today with the breeze. the winds could gust out of 20. tonight down to the 30s, 40s in town. 62 on saturday. a nice day. sunday even nicer i think. 74. the reds skins are home. the ravens are home on sunday. weather should be great for that. maybe a couple of showers on monday and back to the 60s on tuesday. michael, over to you. >> howard out on the weather terrace, your territory here. i don't know if you can see it on tv but you can see your breath out here. it's 48 degrees. the big frosts are just a couple of weeks away most likely. howard will keep you up to date on that. but did you know you can get your lawn ready as you head into the winter? there are things you can do to make sure it's healthy when the spring comes around. there are also some great plants we can show you that you can plant to bring some color in. joining me is richard from home
6:48 am
depot to give us some suggestions. first, let's finish up the year. you said there are some things you can do to finish up the year and tidy up your yard. >> yes, indeed. probably most important is to get a little bit fertilizer on the lawn. one of the best times to add fertilizer to the lawn is in the fall. you can add it two to three times. it's getting later into the season now but we still have time to put it on now and perhaps in two weeks we could add some more. >> is lime a good idea? >> lime is an excellent idea. our native soils around here are a little more acid than the kind of things we're trying to grow. so by adding lime we're making it a little more appealing for the things that we would like to see. >> is there an optimum height you should leave your lawn? you know it's going to stop growing when it gets colder in the overnight. is there a suggestion? >> don't cut it too short. >> keep it the same normal length? >> that would be fine. >> if you want to add color, you can have color in your yard. let's start with these.
6:49 am
>> in addition to adding a little bit of fertilizer, fall is an excellent time to plant and we have a nice selection of plants, some of which are very cold hearty. the pansies and chrysanthemums are stinkily good. -- are particularly good. the ornamental cabbage is very good. >> this was the most interesting thing because we have this in our yard but not this particular version. >> this is an encore azalea. it blooms nicely in the spring but as an encore, it comes back and blooms some more in the fall. >> two for the price of one so to speak. >> another thing you can add this time of year is our -- ever greens. we have a nice selection of ever greens at home depot. >> ten seconds left. >> one thing i wanted to point out, this is lithium battery operated unit that is excellent for cutting off those little spikes that are sticking up in
6:50 am
the shrubbery and getting things nicely set up for the spring. >> we appreciate your time this morning. thanks for getting up early. let's answer the question of the morning, shall we? >> the yes again if you're just tuning in, in a recent survey pet owners were asked if you could ask your pet one question, what would it be? so what was their number one answer? is it a, are you happy? b, do you like your dog food? or c, do you like me? facebook friend sharon writes, if you could -- her answer is b. you're correct, the answer is b. it's 6:50. we'll have a check of the news before you go when we return.
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6:54 am
welcome back. 6:53. your weather first. we're looking good this morning. a couple of high clouds out there. 48 degrees at national. 61 by noon. the winds are going to be kicking up as well with a cold front. we'll have a high of 63. driving home breezy and 59 degrees. michael? >> thank you, sir. it's 6:54. here's a check of the news before you go. today we'll find out if the nats do indeed have the right stuff. jayson werth sure did last night. bottom of the 9th, game-winning walkoff home run. nats are tied with the cardinals two games a piece. winner of tonight's game will face off against the san francisco giants. it's 6:54. we have one final look at traffic and weather when we return.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
one more thing and we are saying game on because there is another game on thanks to this
6:58 am
guy, jayson werkt, a walkoff -- werth, a walkoff home run. did you see him come around the plate? pumped up. he was on fire. so was the entire team. >> he was nice enough to get up and coanchor with us tonight. what a guy. he's a team player from the word go. >> i love you jayson. >> still no one standing out there. are there standing room tickets available? >> yes. they're going to cost you but you could be there. >> kristin was saying-- >> she's going to be there. >> i'm going to be right by the third baseline. >> she'll be tweeting. >> i'll be wearing this. >> you'll see her right away if you're going to the game tonight. >> she has that jacket. temperatures will be in the 50s game time, falling into the 40s. today 63 with a breeze. 62 tomorrow and warmer on sunday. dry till monday afternoon. we'll go to our traffic camera. up to five vehicles involved in an accident on the inbound side of the sousa bridge. you rarely see this traffic
6:59 am
here. we'll take a live look on the northbound side of i-95 from our sky 9. slow newington into springfield. as for wall street, waiting on some banker earnings. hopefully we'll have a good end to a really bad week on wall street. for those counting on a beltway world series, go os tonight in new york. cbs this morning is next. they'll have more on last night's vice presidential debate and they're celebrating 50 years of james bond. >> howard and i will be back in just 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. >> and visit us for nor at >> if you haven't seen the jayson werkt walkoff home -- werth walkoff home run, go to to see it again. go nats. have a great weekend.


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